We invite you to beer tasting and tour at our beer brewery in AVILYS!

The restaurant located in the basement of the XVIII century old town has been brewing beer here for over 20 years.
Using natural raw materials of the highest quality, honey from our own beehive, we brew premium class beer.
We invite you to start the tour and beer tasting in the main hall of the restaurant and continue it in the restaurant’s brewery.
During the tour, you will hear a story about how and from what beer is brewed in AVILYS, you will learn the legend of the origin of beer. You will be given a unique opportunity to taste “young”, not yet matured beer directly from the fermentation or aging tanks.
During the tour, we present a collection of the eight most famous and most expensive beer bottles in the world.
This is a limited number of beers of superior taste, exceptional production and raw materials released on special occasions by the world’s most famous breweries (such as “Calsberg”, “Crown…).
In AVILYS, you will be able to see the smallest golden goblet, which entered the Lithuanian record book. Its capacity is just 0.15 ml and its weight is 1.435

Program duration 45-60 minutes, price 20 eur per 1 person.
The price includes beer tasting and mini snacks.
Tours of the brewery are available for groups of various sizes.
You can continue your evening in the restaurant with great food, beer or other drinks.

More information tel. +370 699 66239 or info@avilys.lt